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Option trading is the very basis of this site, and on this page you will find links to articles explaining options, detailing different types of options, discussing option trading benefits and risks, and more. For more articles on option trading strategy, see the 'Strategy' section.

Understanding Option Trading

These articles offer a basic overview of what stock options are, where and how they started, the basis of option trading, and what the main types of options are.

Learning Option Trading

Learning option trading starts with understanding what options are and how to use them. This article outlines tools and techniques that can help you make a great start to your option trading career.

Getting the Most Out of Your Trading

Getting the most out of your trading, whether you are bullish or bearish on the market is extremely important if you wish to be profitable; particularly in the arena of options trading.

Start Trading Stock and Options the Easy Way

This article details simple steps that will get you ready to start trading stock and options in a short period of time, smoothly and easily.

Winning With Stock Options

Winning with stock options trading is not as difficult as some people would have you believe, and developing effective trading techniques, can lead to high rewards.

Online Option Trading

Online option trading allows an individual to participate in trading stock options from virtually any location, with online trading companies and research services providing the facilities needed.

Stock Option Trading System

A stock option trading system offers strategies for maximizing profit and minimizing risk, as well as identifying worthwhile trading opportunities by using analysis methods and indicators.

Why Choose Options Trading?

There are many advantages to option trading as an investment strategy. One of the main advantages is that trading options requires you to commit less capital to an investment than a stock or other type of market trade requires.

Reasons to Trade Stock Options

Whether a market is moving up, down or sideways, there are many reasons that trading stock options can offer great opportunities to the investor.

The Option Market

The option market refers to the sum total of all the buying and selling of option contracts which includes stock options as well as options based on other securities, such as futures or indices.

Option Applications

Option Use In Different Business Sectors

Option use through history has been widespread and varied. Option trading has been used for many diverse conditions including real estate and bond contracts.

Financial Leverage in Options Trading

Financial leverage is one of the biggest benefits of trading options. Leverage is created by making your investments work harder for you to maximize profit.

Hedging With Options Can Minimize Losses

Hedging with options is just one way that trading options can benefit an investor, and wisely executed, hedging can be an effective risk management strategy.

The Collar Option – A Hedging Strategy for Stock Investments

A collar option is a hedging strategy that is used to protect an investor’s position in a stock and is executed by simultaneously buying a put option and writing a call option on the underlying asset.

Option Strangle

An option strangle may be an effective trading approach for highly volatile assets in which the direction of movement is unclear, as profit can be made with substantial movement either up or down.

Using Puts to Protect Profits and Hedge Risk

Buying puts is probably the closest alternative to using a stop loss. But it does have additional benefits and drawbacks.

The Risks of Options Trading Are Limited

The risks of options trading are limited to the price of the cost of the premium, which is an attractive benefit of trading options. Options allow the trader to control a large number of shares at a fraction of the cost of actually purchasing those shares.

Types of Options and Option Trading

Call Options

The basic principle of trading these options is that if the price of the stock on which you buy an option rises, you make money.

Put Options

These options have the opposite purpose to a call option meaning that if the price of the stock on which you buy an option falls, you make money.

Weekly Options

Weekly Options are options listed with approximately one week to expiration.

Stock Option Day Trading

Stock option day trading involves entering and exiting each trade within the same trading day. The trader seeks to generate quick profits, and often executes frequent trades to reach their target.

Binary Option Trading

Binary option trading uses contracts which, upon expiry,  will either result in a predetermined pay-off or nothing at all.

Futures Options Trading

Futures options trading involves buying an option contract in which the underlying asset is a futures contract.

Commodity Options Trading

Commodity options trading is the buying and selling of option contracts whose underlying asset is a commodity. Profit can be made by exercising the contract, or by selling the option at an increase.

Currency Option Trading

Currency option trading uses option contracts based on foreign exchange currency pairs, entitling the holder to change money from one currency to another at a specified rate at or before expiration.

Index Options Trading

Index options trading allows a trader to participate in the movement of an entire cross section of stocks for a single premium, with inbuilt diversification translating to lower risk and volatility.

The Asian Option

The Asian option, also known as the average value option, is usually settled in cash with the payout calculated as the average value of the underlying asset at fixed points during the contract.

Options Pricing and General Information

Black Scholes Model

The Black Scholes Model is considered the standard model for valuing options.

Options Costs

Option costs consist not only of intrinsic value but also time value, which factors in the implied volatility of the stock.

Moneyness in Options Trading

Moneyness is a trading term which refers to the relationship between an option’s strike price, and the market price of the underlying security at any given moment.

Margin and Option Trading

Margin and option trading relates to the initial capital that must be deposited and the balance that must be maintained in a margin trading account.

Option Greeks

Option greeks are values calculated with mathematical formulae and denoted by characters from the Greek language that measure the impact of certain external factors on the value of an option.

The Option Delta Measure

This important measure tells us how much the price of the option will change in relation to the price of the underlying stock.

Options Size

Article discussing methods to help determine the most appropriate options size.

An Option Broker and Their Role in Trading Stock Options

An option broker is an individual or company that arranges the buying and selling of options on behalf of traders. This article will help a trader to choose a broker who meets their particular needs.

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