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Stock market information is provided to keep members and visitors of Stock Options Made Easy informed about different aspects of the world of the stock markets.

Whether you are looking for information about market occurrences or investment techniques, you will find a wealth of articles here.

Trading Information

2019 - Stock Market Calendar of Holidays
All Major US Stock Exchanges

What Is a Stock Market?

What is Stock Trading?

How to Buy a Stock

Short Selling Stocks

Understanding Trading Language

Stock Market Capitalization - What It Is and How It Affects Traders

Buy and Sell Orders 

Stock Sectors

After Hours Trading

What is a Stop Loss Order?

How to Utilize a Stop Limit Order

Rogue Trades

What is a Trading Platform?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average Index

Dow Jones Stocks

Market Conditions and Occurrences

Bull and Bear Markets - Rising and Falling Markets

What Is a Bull Market?

What Is a Bear Market?

Stock Market Liquidity

The Three-Year Bull Market

What Constitutes a Goldilocks Economy?

Quadruple Witching

Santa Claus Rally

Moore’s Law and the Stock Market

Black Swan Theory

Why the Stock Market Goes Up

Breakout versus Fakeout

Stock Market Retracement

Dead Cat Bounce

Entities Important to the Stock Market

Stock Exchanges - Stock Exchanges in the USA

The New York Stock ExchangeThe Exchange and its History

The Securities and Exchange Commission of the U.S. (SEC) 

The Federal Reserve

Investment Basics

Eleven Essential Investment Rules

Valid Reasons to Invest in the Stock Market

Buying Stocks without a Broker

Position Sizing

Growth or Value Stocks?

Managing Risks is the Key to Investing

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