Square Growth Continues!

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by Ian Harvey
January 13, 2020


Square shares looking to continue pushing higher.

“Armchair Trader Members,” using a call option, already up 55% - looking for 100%!

Square Inc (NYSE:SQ)

Shares of the payment processing company continue to push higher. And analysts are boosting their ratings on the stock.

Besides the positive factors already stated in the original recommendation.....given January 08, 2020…..(obviously it would be unfair to members for all details to be disclosed at this stage)…..there are several more factors to consider…..

  • Due to the rebounding economic activity, Square’s adjusted revenue growth rates will stabilize and potentially even improve in 2020, which should lead to upped consumer spending and heavier spend through the Square process.
  • With interest rates to remain low in 2020, Square being a growth stock with a growth valuation, will benefit.
  • New product launches, such as Cash App, will continue to gain benefits due to the healthy environment.
  • Square’s profit margins will continue to improve because of the company’s higher-margin services businesses providing positive operating leverage.
  • SQ stock is one of the more attractively valued growth stocks in the market.

Analysts continue to be optimistic on Square.....

  • early Friday Stephens & Co. upgraded the stock from equal-weight to overweight, and
  • on Tuesday, Bank of America Merrill Lynch upgraded Square stock from neutral to buy.


Profiting from the recommended trade on Square…..

Armchair Trader Members were able to enter the option trade at approximately $4.60; and within 3 days using a call option are sitting on a 55%potential profit – and looking at the pre-market movement this profit is looking to move upwards. Members are looking for a 100% profit before exiting.

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An Important Note: That any suggestions for options trade considerations require investors/traders to use their own discretion as to when to enter or exit! As well, it is advisable to do further research and due diligence before executing your trade.

It is sometimes best to exit a trade, if there is already sufficient profit accrued, before an earnings report is presented. GREED can be the undoing of a nice profit!

Best of Trading,
Ian Harvey
Director of Stock Options Made Easy


”Success is simple. Do what's right, the right way, at the right time.”

Option Tip for your Success!
Options traders are not successful because they win.
Options traders win because they are successful.

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