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Mentorship Program

If you have little or no experience trading options, have tried options trading without success, or want to start trading options with limited capital, you may be suited to our mentorship program. The requirements to join this program are a minimum capital of $1200USD (in an on-line brokerage account with low fees) and the time availability and Internet access to be able to execute trades immediately when advised.

Members of this program are informed by email when to execute a trade, whether to double-down or up, and when to exit. The mentorship program cost is $49USD per month, or you can pay yearly and receive twelve months of service for the price of ten at a cost of $490.

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Additional Information

Ian Harvey has set-up a separate trading account so that all the trades he asks the members to do, he is also executing accordingly. This is very much a LEARNING experience on an on-going basis.

The options trades for calls and puts are real-time - in other words, to be executed at the time of recommendation.

You will be provided with reasons why he recommends the trade!

This may occur at various times during the day.

This is not on a monthly basis but on a continual basis -- in other words daily -- what options trade he is executing you will be also able to execute at the same time.

You may receive up to three open trades per day (day trading rules then apply). At times there will be a need to sit and wait for the right moment to sell OR buy.

Ian will advise you when he is going to let the trades sit and take a break -- this may mean being online the first 2 or 3 hours of the trading day -- having some time off and coming back in the last hour of the day. Again, depends on the circumstances!

After executing the trade, you will then be advised the sell price to be executed.

If the trade is based on an earnings report the original sell price will need to be adjusted if the sell price is not attainable.

Other trades due to certain events -- such as CEO leaving, a proposed buy-out, economic situations, market volatility, etc. -- all determine the exit price that is needed for the trade.

At times there will be little need to take any action, and the trade will go accordingly.

Other times there is a need for more attention -- there may be a need to double-down, double-up, execute a cover trade, and maybe even exit at a loss.

The most any one trade costs will be $200.00 -- most will be a lot less and maybe able to purchase 2 or 3 contracts for less than $100 -- this is flexible for the individual trader.

There are usually less than 7 trades in operation at any one time -- and there will be periods of no trading due to different market circumstances.

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