Making Money From Options Trading!

by Ian Harvey

February 09, 2019


Can you make money from options trading? Put simply, YES!

Over the months and years since we started our trader membership services, there have been far more gains than losses. Also, the percentage increase on winning trades far outweighs the inevitable losses. Especially with our Armchair Trader membership, we suggest the use of a stop loss, which ensures that losses remain a minor percentage of overall investment capital. Please read this excerpt from an article published by Amanda Harvey:

“SOME Stock Option Trading System Strategies
One of the strategies employed by the SOME trading system is to minimize losses by ensuring that stop losses are placed on all trades to ensure that there is almost never a 100% loss on trades that fail. Since the commencement of our Armchair Trader Membership in May 2012, the average loss on losing trades has been 60%, and the number of losses has accounted for 37.8% of all trades placed.
 Trades are also placed with a pre-determined sell-at price to ensure the best possibility of attaining the optimum profit without risking the trap that many traders fall into of waiting too long to sell and losing their profit as a result of greed or over-confidence. This part of the SOME stock option trading system strategy has resulted in an average increase of 92.7% on every winning trade, and winning trades have accounted for 62.2% of all trades placed.
 There is another aspect that is very important to the strategy which has resulted in average monthly return on investment of 58.8%, which translates to a 702.6% increase annually. These results are attained by entering all trades selected for SOME membership service, with an equal amount of capital invested in each.”

Up to the moment, we have several membership types, and our members who are very actively involved in their trading, and “want it all” with our Unlimited Trader package membership get a total of over 40 trades a month.

CLICK HERE to see the charts that show the results for a very profitable January 2019!

With consistent and completely documented results like these, as well as feedback from our members such as the examples below, we don’t just believe that people can really make money successfully from options trading, we KNOW it!

“The very first batch of trades you sent were good ones for me – I started with a 20K account and made over 4K on just two trades.” Phillip

“I’ve been trading each recommendation with as near an equal amount as possible for each and have done pretty well overall. Thanks!” JG

“What I like about Stock Options Made Easy is it seems to be the most "genuine" newsletter I could find, where you really want your subscribers to be successful. Of the 100 options newsletters out there (and I've tried a few) SOME is definitely the most genuine. Over all a great service. Thanks!” Shane

Best of Trading,
Ian Harvey
Director of Stock Options Made Easy


”Success is simple. Do what's right, the right way, at the right time.”

Option Tip for your Success!
Options traders are not successful because they win.
Options traders win because they are successful.

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