Option Use In Different
Business Sectors

by Ian Harvey


Option use through history has been widespread and varied. Options have been used for many diverse conditions including:

1. Real Estate

Call options are used to bring together large parcels of land from separate owners. An example of this type of option use is if a developer wants to buy several plots of land together, but they are owned separately. The developer pays for the privilege of being entitled, but not obligated, to buy these plots if unable to buy them all.

2. Lines of Credit

Options give the potential borrower the right- but not the obligation- to borrow within a specified time frame.

3. Film and Theatre

Option use in this arena gives the producer the right- but not the obligation- to dramatize a certain book or script.

4. Bond Contracts

Allows many choices (or embedded options), such as converting the bonds into common stock at the buyer’s option. The bonds may also be bought back (called) at specified prices at the issuer’s option.

5. Mortgages

Option use in mortgages allows the borrower the choice of repaying the loan early (similar to a callable bond option).

These are some of the major ways that the use of options has become a part of many sectors of business throughout history.

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