Enphase Energy Shines After Earnings!

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by Ian Harvey
February 20, 2020


On Tuesday, after the market closed, Enphase Energy reported fourth-quarter results which met the top end of Q4 guidance for revenue and gross margin. It was the company's first quarterly period with at least $200 million in revenue. 

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Enphase Energy Inc (NASDAQ: ENPH)

ENPH reported fourth-quarter 2019 adjusted earnings of 39 cents per share, which surpassed the Consensus Estimate of 33 cents by 18.2%. The bottom line also surged a massive 875% from 4 cents reported in the prior-year quarter.

This stock boost can be attributed to solid revenues and operating income growth in the fourth quarter.

Enphase Energy took advantage of changing electrical codes, improved technology, and healthy growth for small-scale solar installations to deliver its best year of operations yet.

Enphase Energy skyrocketed 42.44% to $57.22 from its previous close of $40.17. Also, the shares had an active trading volume day with a reported 5,804,898 contracts.

Note that pre-market Thursday shares are already up another 7.46% at $61.49.

The Earnings In Brief.....

Enphase Energy’s revenues of $210 million in the fourth quarter surpassed the Consensus Estimate of $204.8 million by 2.5%. The top line soared 119.8% from the year-ago quarter’s $92.3 million, driven by solid shipments.

For 2019, the company recorded adjusted revenues of $624.3 million, exceeding the Consensus Estimate of $619.1 million by 0.8%. Also, the top line jumped 97.5% from last year’s $316.2 million.

Moving Forward.....

Enphase is working hard to expand into adjacent markets beyond its core microinverter offerings. Having primarily concentrated on residential solar projects, the company has more recently looked at commercial solar, off-grid applications, and residential energy storage products as potential areas for growth.

As solar power gets cheaper and more desirable as a form of renewable energy, Enphase is trying to put itself in position to benefit in as many ways as possible.

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“Earnings Prediction Members” entered a March 20 2020 42.500 call trade on Tuesday morning at approximately $3.50. This trade climbed as high as $15.20 during Wednesday to provide potential profits of 334%.

Now, it appears that the upward momentum for Enphase Energy is far from over, as noted above. Therefore, more profit can be expected!


Enphase Energy expects for the momentum to continue in the first quarter of 2020, but management has already begun preparing investors for slightly reduced operating margin as it ramps up investments to support its fledgling energy storage portfolio. 

Given the healthy demand for small-scale solar projects, the annual reductions in value of the investment tax credit (ITC) for solar infrastructure, and the launch of the company's energy storage products, it is expected that the operational momentum will continue. 

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