Elon Musk’s Problems Affecting Tesla!

How To Profit From This Disaster!

by Ian Harvey

August 30, 2018


Elon Musk’s problems continue to escalate! Tesla is being put at risk due to the behavior from Musk – this means 40,000 employees and investors are being affected badly and the situation could become much worse.

Previous articles explain much of the problems associated with Elon Musk and his association withTesla…… 

These articles already outline many of the problems that are being encountered due to Musk’s erratic and desperate behavior and the effect on Tesla’s share price.

Since the last article on August 9, the roller-coaster ride for Musk has continued with another tweet abruptly announcing that he had secured funding to take his electric car company private.

This was so incorrect, as soon after the tweet it was revealed money wasn’t locked down after all. And now, two weeks later the whole deal has been scrapped.

This has also resulted in legal action against Mr Musk. At least two legal cases seeking class-action status have been filed, alleging Mr Musk broke securities laws by making it sound like financing for the buyout was lined up.

Yesterday saw Musk making another bizarre tweet in regard to cave diver Vernon Unsworth, stating “You don’t think it’s strange he hasn’t sued me? He was offered free legal services.”

And earlier this month Musk apologized to two analysts who suffered rebuttals from Musk on Tesla’s first-quarter call.

In the past two years Musk’s management style has been the cause of 30 crucially placed senior employees departing.

Musk may be a visionary genius and workaholic, but it appears that the 110-hour working weeks, inability to delegate, and his hands-on approach are taking a physical and mental toll on the visionary businessman and the company; which is now making loyal investors and analysts start to re-think their positive approach to the company’s future.

Board members are becoming increasingly concerned about Musk and the future direction of Tesla.

There is also an increase in those shorting Tesla due to a number of questionable decisions over the past few months, which based on history, is likely to continue.

Another concern for investors in Tesla is that a $US230 million debt payment is due in November; and on top of that is another payment of $US920 million that must be paid off three months later.

And to top off the woes, many of Tesla’s rivals are swiftly moving into the area of luxury electric cars -- Mercedes-Benz and Audi, Jaguar Land Rover and Porsche.

How To Profit?

In the article “Elon Musk Is In Trouble Again!” we suggested an Option: Buy the TSLA SEPT 21 2018 350.000 PUT at approximately $15.00.

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Option trade to consider: Buy the TSLA SEPT 21 2018 275.000 PUT at approximately $5.80.

Some Strategies to Consider……

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