Disney Stock Soars To Record High!

Disney+ attracted 10 million subscribers one day after its debut!
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by Ian Harvey
November 14, 2019


Disney Stock surged to record highs due to Disney+ launch on top of good earnings results last Thursday.

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Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS)

It has been quite a successful few days for Disney! Besides reporting quarterly results roughly in line with Wall Street analysts’ estimates last Thursday, Disney+ the new streaming service by Disney, which has already seen 10 million sign-ups since launching Tuesday, the company announced Wednesday, has sent the shares soaring.

Disney stock was up 7.32% by Wednesday’s close, adding more than $13 billion to its market cap, which now sits at $268 billion.


Disney’s new streaming service launched Tuesday with some technical errors that prevented some users from connecting with the service. But that didn’t stop customers from flooding the sign-up page.

At $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year, Disney+ is significantly cheaper than competitors such as Netflix, which charges $12.99 for its most popular standard HD plan.

Disney+, with its trove of Disney classics, princess pictures, preteen treasures and of course successful franchises such as Star Wars and Marvel movies, has attracted 10 million subscribers one day after its debut, Disney said Wednesday.

That was “eye popping” and “considerably higher” than many on Wall Street expected, Dan Ives at Wedbush said in a note.

“This speaks to the 1-2 punch of success that (Disney Chief Executive Bob) Iger and Disney have coming out of the gate with unmatched content and a massive brand/distribution that makes the House of Mouse a legitimate streaming competitor on Day One” to Netflix Inc.

Disney’s goal of having 60 million to 90 million Disney+ subscribers in five years could be fast-forwarded by two years at this pace, Ives said.

The Earnings Last Week for Disney Stock.....

Shares of the Walt Disney Co. gained 6% in premarket trade Friday after it reported quarterly results roughly in line with Wall Street analysts’ estimates — days before its much-anticipated streaming service begins.

Disney said it earned $1.05 billion, or $1.07 a share, compared with $2.32 billion, or $1.55 a share, in the year-ago period.

Revenue rose 34% to $19.1 billion, from $14.3 billion a year ago.

Revenue from the company’s media networks rose to $6.5 billion, up 22% from $5.3 billion a year ago. Revenue from parks and resorts came in at $6.65 billion, up 8% from $6.14 billion a year ago. Disney’s studio entertainment segment brought in $3.3 billion in revenue, up 52% from $2.2 billion last year, thanks to strong box-office numbers.


The Recommended Trades on Disney.....

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Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) is one of the biggest brands in the world. It’s a leader in its industry, is a master of marketing, and has a multigenerational history of cultivating assets such as Disney princesses, a strategy that has helped solidify its industry dominance and created barriers to entry.

And, is now challenging other streaming companies with its highly anticipated streaming service Disney+ which has a massive library of iconic content.

Dependable television comedies with large back catalogues have been a key driver of success for streaming services as viewers binge on “comfort viewing” staples.

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One of the biggest brands in the world Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS), a leader in its industry, a master of marketing, and has a multigenerational history of cultivating assets such as Disney princesses, will report after the market closes. The consensus for Disney stock earnings estimate is $0.94 per share on revenue of $19.29 billion; but the Whisper number is higher at $0.97 per share.

Consensus estimates are for earnings to decline year-over-year by 36.49% with revenue increasing by 34.83%....

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Where to now for Disney Stock?

Saturation will be a key factor for the future progress of Disney’s stock price.

Adding this new streaming service to the current list that's available to you on the market – with HBO, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu and Apple TV - is quite mind-boggling.

The streaming TV war may have just hit its peak with the entrance of Disney Plus. If that's the case, maybe a pullback for Disney after yesterday's massive spike makes sense, but as you are aware with this market unpredictability at the moment, Disney stock may just keep surging.


The questions remain......Where to now for Disney?

Will we recommend another options trade on Disney?

What will “Stock Options Made Easy” advise members to do?

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An Important Note: That any suggestions for options trade considerations require investors/traders to use their own discretion as to when to enter or exit! As well, it is advisable to do further research and due diligence before executing your trade.

It is sometimes best to exit a trade, if there is already sufficient profit accrued, before an earnings report is presented. GREED can be the undoing of a nice profit!

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