Cronos Group Wins On
Mid-Term Election

Cut-To-The-Chase” Members Make 122% Potential Profit On This Options Trade!

by Ian Harvey

November 09, 2018




Cronos Group Inc (NASDAQ: CRON)

Cronos Group soared on Wednesday after midterm elections and Jeff Sessions resignation boosting the stock price. An option call trade was recommended to “Cut-To-The-Chase” Members on Thursday, November 01, 2018, originally having the distinction of being the best-performing marijuana stock of all time right now. Despite having seen a pullback over the past few weeks, Cronos has posted gains of more than 2,700% over the past few years. Having formerly been known as PharmaCan Capital, Cronos has been a big player in the medical marijuana segment of the cannabis industry. This has enabled Stock Options Made Easy members to see a potential profit of 122% in less than a week.



The Trade……

…….from…… “Cut-to-the-Chase” Recommendations - Week Beginning Monday, October 29, 2018

The Details……..

On October 17, Canada officially lifted the gate on recreational marijuana sales to adults. Once legal, sales soared, with the industry expected to pull in up to $5 billion in added annual sales when fully ramped up. The expectation of billions of dollars in added revenue into marijuana stocks is expected. One company that has benefited from this situation is Cronos Group Inc (NASDAQ: CRON). Marijuana stocks have produced amazing gains, and now that they're squarely on the radar of mainstream investors.

In response to the recent legalization efforts in Canada, Cronos CEO Mike Gorenstein, stated, "At Cronos, we take pride in leading the industry forward responsibly and are motivated to create meaningful products that excite our consumers and bring happiness and an improved quality of life. The growth potential in the cannabis industry is vast and extends well beyond the flower. With our differentiated brands, global footprint, growing production capacity and commitment to cannabinoid innovation, Cronos is well positioned to realize this opportunity."

Cronos Group has the distinction of being the best-performing marijuana stock of all time right now. Despite having seen a pullback over the past few weeks, Cronos has posted gains of more than 2,700% over the past few years. Having formerly been known as PharmaCan Capital, Cronos has been a big player in the medical marijuana segment of the cannabis industry.

Like Canopy, Cronos has worked hard to boost its production capacity. Another avenue for growth involves international distribution, with partnerships giving it access to markets in Australia, Israel, Germany, Poland, and various points in Latin America. With a new collaboration with Ginkgo Bioworks to develop cannabis derivatives of high purity, Cronos hopes it can tap into growing markets for both medicinal and recreational use. If it's successful, that could lead to even bigger gains for Cronos.

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The Trade……..

** OPTION TRADE: Buy CRON JAN 18 2019 7.500 CALL  at approximately $6.00.

The Result So Far………

The cannabis industry has quickly taken off, especially after the midterm elections and the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Paul Rosen, currently the CEO and Chairman of Tidal Royalty, a company that invests in U.S.-based cannabis companies, as well as an original co-founder of the Cronos Group  (TSX: CRON), (NASDAQ:CRON) was quoted as saying, “I believe that Michigan legalizing adult use will one day be viewed as the tipping point towards full legalization at a national level. Aside from the fact that it is the 10th state to legalize adult use – and one of the most populous states in the nation – it is the first Midwest state to do so.”

Not only was Cronos lifted by midterm ballot measure victories, but also rose further on word Sessions had resigned. The nation's top law enforcer last January said he would work to revoke policy from the Obama administration that let states make their own rules on weed without hindrance from the federal government.

The Profits.....

So, for “Cut-To-The-Chase” members, who managed to execute this trade recommended by Stock Options Made Easy; potential profits of 122% were available Wednesday.

Entering the option trade at a cost of $1.30 or less; and the sell price on the option, at Wednesday trading reaching $2.88; a potential profit of 122% is applicable. Therefore, one options contract would provide a profit of $158.00 in less than one week.


What now…..

As cannabis stocks continue to rise on the news of more and more favorable legislation, the next big development will perhaps be the passing of the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill under a new Democrat House.

Collin Peterson, ranking member and presumptive new chair of committee, said “passing the crucial agricultural legislation was going to be his top priority, with a deal possible as soon as next week during the lame-duck session.”


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