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by Ian Harvey
December 02, 2019


Clovis Oncology surges another 33.9% on Friday despite the stock market downturn. For Clovis, Rubraca is an excellent medicine that is gaining strong sales traction; and, it seems, that the best is yet to come.

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Clovis Oncology Inc (NASDAQ: CLVS)

The biotech company Clovis has seen its share price surge further since the article presented Friday morning “Clovis Oncology Climbs On Future Earnings Potential!”

This biopharmaceutical company is focused on developing and commercializing treatments targeting specific subsets of cancer population.

Clovis hit an intraday high of $16.62, up 33.9% from the previous day’s close of $12.41. At the close of the day the stock price had settled at $14.93 (+$2.52) up 20.31%. After hours trading saw another 3.78%, or $0.47, added to close the day at $15.40.

Also, on Friday, CLVS cleared an important technical benchmark, seeing its Relative Strength (RS) Rating jump into the 90-plus percentile with an improvement to 90, up from 79 the day before.

Decades of market research reveals that the best stocks often have an RS Rating north of 80 in the early stages of their moves.

Riding robust fundamental improvements, Clovis Oncology is enjoying a 145.6% gain in the past 20-days.


Clovis shares traded on a steep downtrend earlier this year. This caused the stock's market valuation became greatly disconnected from its true worth (i.e. intrinsic value).

Since bottoming out in late October, Clovis shareholders have enjoyed a vigorous rally. But this appears that the recent rallies are only the first waves of rebound.

And so far, “Stock Options Made Easy” “Mentorship Program” members, who had executed a trade on September 25, 2019, and are now enjoying a potential return of 260%; and more is on the horizon as Clovis Oncology keeps the momentum going.

Clovis Oncology focuses on the innovation and commercialization of therapeutics to serve the unmet needs in various oncology conditions. They include ovarian, prostate, breast, and bladder cancers.

April 2018 marked a historic day for Clovis as the lead molecule, rucaparib (Rubraca) was FDA approved. As an oral, small-molecule inhibitor of poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase ("PARP") 1, 2, and 3, Rubraca is marketed as second-line maintenance for recurrent ovarian cancer.

Because it is a second-line drug, its sales have been gradual. As such, if Clovis Oncology is able to successfully push Rubraca into a first-line medicine, it'll become a great money maker.

Despite that Rubraca is currently approved as a second-line maintenance drug, its year-over-year (YOY) sales improved by 38% for Q2 and 65% for Q3. At this rate, Rubraca will generate several hundred million dollars in sales even if it won't become a first-line medicine.

Clovis garnered $37.6M in Rubraca sales compared to $22.8M for last year and thereby represents a 65% year-over-year (YOY) increase.


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Moving Forward.....

Clovis Oncology recently in-licensed the rights to a radiopharmaceutical targeting drug known as FAP-2286. And, the company will file FAP-2286's investigational new drug ("IND") application by 2H2020.

As well, fundamental developments are more positive, especially as the company has  substantially reduced its high cash burn rate this quarter and Rubraca generated robust data for castration-resistant prostate cancer with an associated BRCA1/2 mutation.

It is expected that the company will easily reach its Fiscal 2019 revenue estimates of $141M to $147M.


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An Important Note: That any suggestions for options trade considerations require investors/traders to use their own discretion as to when to enter or exit! As well, it is advisable to do further research and due diligence before executing your trade.

It is sometimes best to exit a trade, if there is already sufficient profit accrued, before an earnings report is presented. GREED can be the undoing of a nice profit!

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