Chart Patterns

Stock chart patterns are patterns that are formed within charts when prices are graphed. They represent historical stock prices and help to determine current supply and demand forces in a stock.

On this page, you will find articles relating to the use and understanding of stock chart patterns.

Stock Chart Patterns

An article detailing the history and application of chart patterns, and listing many types of patterns.

Candlestick reversal patterns signal the likelihood of an imminent reversal in trend and can be confirmed by a subsequent candlestick, and an accompanying change in momentum.

Calibrating Stock Charts

Simple information to assist in calibrating stock chart data.

Head and Shoulders Top Chart Pattern

This pattern occurs after an uptrend and usually marks a major trend reversal when complete.          op 10 Gainers, powered by TC2000dd this

Head and Shoulders Chart Pattern

This pattern is extremely popular among traders and investors as it is considered to be one of the most reliable of all the formations, and it also appears to be an easy one to spot.

Cup and Handle Chart Pattern

The cup and handle pattern, which resembles a tea cup viewed from the side, is often a good indicator of an upcoming bullish trend in price, especially when following prior upward price movement.

Ascending Triangle Pattern

The ascending triangle pattern indicates continuation of an uptrend. It is formed by repeated highs which do not surpass a certain level, and rising lows which move steadily towards the upper level.

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