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Check out what is happening in the stock market in the week ahead!
June 20, 2015

The Week Ahead In the Stock Market
Thoughts, Possibilities and Probabilities!

13th June, 2015
The week ahead in the stock market should be quieter in terms of data, therefore the biggest focus is likely to be the back and forth due to the Greek debt crisis. The Greek debt crisis may finally come to a head this week, testing markets that have been relatively complacent about the potential for collateral damage. Greece has to make a payment of 1.5 billion Euros to the IMF by June 30, a deadline the organization has said is firm (at this stage).

This situation may create the potential for some short-term volatility, even though the emergency meetings over the weekend may bring some resolution to the table, as there is a warning from the ECB that Greece may not open its banks on Monday. The market will undergo a lot of ups and downs as the debt payment is not due until the 30th June – producing a scenario of “on again, off again”.

Another catalyst for the market volatility is the investors and traders mindset – where they see “good news is bad news” -- thinking strong growth is going to lead to a stronger reaction from the Fed and therefore produce higher interest rates.

Within the U.S. the week ahead in the stock market will provide several important economic reports including Monday's existing home sales; Tuesday's durable goods; Wednesday's final look at first-quarter GDP; and Thursday's personal income and spending.

The 2015 Q2 earnings season is already underway and there will be several reports from companies such as Sonic, Carnival Corp, Lennar Corp and Nike, to mention a few. .......Read more

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