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Check out what is happening in the stock market in the week ahead!
June 08, 2015

The Week Ahead In The Stock Market
Some Thoughts, Possibilities and Probabilities!

7th June, 2015

The week ahead in the stock market will see another directionless week for stocks due to several factors – the dollar, the continued Fed hike speculation, investor sentiment, bond market volatility and a heavy calendar of overseas data that could influence markets.

The dollar, if it goes higher due to more discussion on a hike on rates, then it will be another tough week ahead in the stock market.

The U.S. Federal Reserve interest rate hike speculation as to the timing it, will be undertaken adds to concerns about valuations.

Investor sentiment shows that individual investors lack any particularly strong inclination to buy or sell. Investors polled by the American Association of Individual Investors have increasingly said they are "neutral" on the market, suggesting uncertainty about where stocks are going. The sentiment could not be boosted even by a run on economic figures that were better than what was expected and investors remained more focused on how soon the FED will start raising short-term lending rates.

Bond market volatility could keep stocks in check for the week ahead in the stock market, where yields moved greatly higher in the past week, reaching levels last seen on the U.S. 10-year in October, last year, as investors watch for more proof of momentum in the U.S. economy after May's strong jobs report.

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