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Check out what is happening for the week ahead in the stock market!
May 31, 2015

The Week Ahead In The Stock Market
Some Thoughts, Possibilities and Probabilities!

31st May, 2015

The week ahead in the stock market faces a barrage of potential catalysts as the month of June begins. This should provide for a wild ride considering that the stock market is still near record highs, and is trying to consolidate its gains.

There will be a slew of data, as well as a deadline for Greece to pay its creditors at the end of the week along with a scheduled OPEC meeting.

Reports on manufacturing sentiment, car sales and job growth dominate the calendar for the stock market in the week ahead. If the data presented in the week ahead is similar to recent housing numbers, then it will support the idea that the Fed may change rates in September. If Greece fails to work out an agreement or fails to pay, some activity in the dollar and the bond market should be expected......

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A list of Companies Reporting Earnings for the Week Beginning 1st June, 2015 -- 49 companies reporting this week, including 6 S&P 500 members.

The Warren Buffett Stock Investing Strategy

The Warren Buffett stock investing strategy hinges on selecting stocks based on the intrinsic value of the companies they represent which is ascertained using fundamental analysis.

Ascending Triangle Pattern

The ascending triangle pattern indicates continuation of an uptrend. It is formed by repeated highs which do not surpass a certain level, and rising lows which move steadily towards the upper level.

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Goldilocks Economy

A Goldilocks Economy – one that is ‘just right,’ may be described as having sufficient growth to allow for profit, but not so much as to create a bubble or result in the raising of interest rates.

Flag Chart Pattern

The flag chart pattern is formed when a sharp price movement is followed by a period of fairly flat trading. This consolidation phase is expected to precede a continuation of the prior trend.

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