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Are you a swing trader?
January 26, 2015

The Basic Principles of Swing Trading

Monday, January 26, 2015

Swing trading is a type of trading used in the financial markets which attempts to realize a gain from price movement within a fairly short period of time. This type of trading typically involves the holding of a position for between one and several days, making swing trading a slightly longer term form of trading than day trading, in which positions are generally closed within a day and often within minutes.

Swing trading is, as its name implies, based on catching hold of a movement in price which has already commenced, and swinging with the movement until it is ready to swing back. Spotting a price movement which has just commenced to swing in either an upward or downward direction is part of making a successful swing trade. This beginning of a swing is the time to enter the trade. The next goal is to identify the moment before the movement reaches its turning point, and to exit the trade at this time.

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