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Using a stop limit order!
July 17, 2015

Stop Limit Order

A stop limit order is an instruction to execute a trade when the price reaches a certain target. This is used with the aim of securing an increase at the point when the trader’s predetermined goal is reached. This helps to avoid missing the optimum opportunity as may happen without using a limit order. It also eliminates the need for constant monitoring, which many traders do not have time to do, or do not wish to do.

A stop limit order may be placed on both orders to buy and orders to sell shares or options. The basic premise of a stop limit order is that there is a price designated as a ‘stop’ price. The stop price is generally marginally lower than the limit price for a sell order, and slightly higher than the limit price for an order to buy. When the stop price is reached, which means that it has risen in the case of a sell order, or dropped in the instance of a sell order, it converts to a limit order. This means that the shares or options will be sold at or above, or purchased at or below, the limit price........Read more

11th July, 2015
The Week Ahead In The Stock Market – Some Thoughts, Possibilities and Probabilities!

The week ahead in the stock market will not only be very busy with international news – Greece’s bailout attempts as well as China’s tumbling stock market – but will also be domestically focused with a testimonies from Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen before two Congressional hearings, as well as earnings reports from several top U.S. banks.

Many strategists consider domestic matters should be acceptable to the investor and trader, alike........Read more

List of Companies Reporting Earnings for the Week Beginning 6th July, 2015

A list of Companies Reporting Earnings for the Week Beginning 13th July, 2015 -- 106 companies reporting this week, including 40 S&P 500 members.

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Swing Trading Strategy

Swing trading strategy involves choosing stocks which exhibit the price pattern movements suited to swing trading, as well as pinpointing the appropriate times to enter and exit a trade.

Candlestick Analysis

Candlestick analysis is a key component of technical analysis, and candlestick charts can provide a great deal of insight into price movement of stocks by studying the proportions of the candlesticks.

Index Options Trading

Index options trading allows a trader to participate in the movement of an entire cross section of stocks for a single premium, with inbuilt diversification translating to lower risk and volatility.

Bear Market Strategies

Bear market strategies are designed to enable profit in a downturn. Options are an excellent vehicle for thriving during a bear market as they allow investors to trade with the movement of prices.

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