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September 23, 2012

The Week Ahead in the Stock Market
September 24, 2012

Market Information for this Week.....

The Week Ahead in the Stock Market – September 24, 2012

The third quarter could fade quietly away in the week ahead, as the stock market look forward to a more dramatic fourth quarter, with the election and pending "fiscal cliff" making it the trickiest period of the year.

Also the information required in regard to earnings, economic data, ETFs is also included.

The Economy and Earnings in the Week Ahead – September 24, 2012

A very busy calendar will include new readings on how consumers assess the economy and whether they are spending in the third quarter. There should also be more companies issuing pre-announcements on earnings, as the global slowdown holds back revenue growth and bites into profits.

The Past Week Stock Market Results – September 24, 2012

Stocks tried to turn higher on Friday, but sold off in late trading to close the past week lower. So far, the pullback from the post-Fed rally has been mild, with the major stock market averages down just slightly from the highs.

The Major ETFs in the Week Ahead – September 24, 2012

Most of the major ETFs edged slightly higher last week, helped by Friday's quadruple witching, and despite a brief sell-off mid-week due to weak economic data.

The major Exchange-Traded Funds appear to be largely overbought at current levels, with high RSI and MACD readings across the board. From a fundamental standpoint, this may have been caused by the U.S. Federal Reserve's quantitative easing program (QE3) announced last week, which led to a sharp jump in stock prices. Unfortunately, the effects of this program could take time to materialize, while the eurozone's optimism also appears to be fading. As a result, traders may want to consider taking some profit and keeping tight stops on their existing positions for the ETFs.


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