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Updated Stock Market News for the Week Ahead!
July 16, 2012

Options Expiration Expectations
July 16, 2012

Market Information for this Week.....

Options Expiration Expectations

As options expiration approaches, expectations on Wall Street and technical levels being on the radar, particularly a low VIX, provides an opportunity for the bulls to benefit!

VIX and Historical Volatility - Market Indicator for the Week Ahead – July 16, 2012

Recently, the historical volatility overtook the VIX. So, by looking back at some prior instances, we are able to see what this means to the market moving forward -- confirming that these signals are very good buying opportunities.

The Week Ahead in the Stock Market - July 16, 2012

There are earnings expected from dozens of major companies in the week ahead BUT what many traders are hoping for is talk of more Fed easing. Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, will likely tell members of Congress that it’s the lawmakers who need to act.

The Economy and Earnings in the Week Ahead - July 16, 2012

Investors are looking at an onslaught in the week ahead -- corporate earnings -- Ben Bernanke talking about economic issues before Congress.

With a slew of companies set to report results in the week ahead, the hope among investors is that the bad news has been factored in, but the broader picture remains lackluster. That may limit the market's gains even if companies clear a low bar.

The Major ETFs in the Week Ahead – July 16, 2012

Many of the widely watched major ETFs broke their uptrends from the June lows in early trading Thursday, but closed back above them. This gave encouragement to the bulls, and it was rewarded with sharp gains Friday that were enough to bring most of the averages back into positive territory for the week.

The Past Week Stock Market Results – July 16, 2012

Friday the 13th, in the past week, turned out to be a lucky day for stocks, with the Dow and S&P 500 snapping a six-day losing streak, propelled by sharp gains in financials following JPMorgan's earnings report.


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