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Are you optimistic or pessimistic about this weeks market outlook?
August 24, 2015

Market Outlook for the Week Ahead
Optimistic and Pessimistic Viewpoints

24th August, 2015
The market outlook for the week ahead definitely encompasses some varying viewpoints. Is the market nearing a bottom or is there something more sinister behind the scenes?

Many analysts and strategists, based on past experiences, believe that the worst is behind us! They see the market bottoming-out, after last Friday’s dramatic capitulation suffered by the DOW, and as early as some time during the week ahead.

They have seen this scenario many times before, and are advising investors to relax, not to panic and let the “fear factor” take over, and get back to normal trading. There doesn’t appear to any major technical damage to the market uptrend, caused by the effects of the China downfall, and other emerging markets on the edge of further downward legs, Fed rate rise uncertainty and an oil price drop......READ MORE

22nd August, 2015

The Week Ahead In The Stock Market – Some Thoughts, Possibilities and Probabilities!
The direction for the week ahead in the stock market will depend greatly on the evolving economic data around the world. There has been a problem with China’s stumbling; emerging markets are seriously on the brink of another extended leg down, oil has continued on its downward trend and the worries of the Fed rate hike; have all contributed to an investor fear – which has not been as high since the spring in 2009. This leads to the scenario where investor’s fears take over and more volatility resumes for the week ahead in the stock market – and the likelihood of the saw-tooth pattern will continue to dominate the market movement.

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