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Market bears lose again -- more profit to be made -- see how!
March 15, 2016

--- Market Bites --
Market Bears Fall Short -- Make A Half-Hearted Effort
Tuesday, 15th March, 2016

The market bears fall short with their half-hearted effort to topple the bulls yesterday. As mentioned in the article, “Market Bears Lose – Bulls Rally”, there would be plenty of volatility this week. Even with oil prices under pressure due to global output concerns, the bears could not maintain their momentum, and the bulls were able to pull the Dow Jones Industrial Average Indices (DJIA) and the Nasdaq Composite (COMP) back into positive territory by the afternoon. The S&P 500 Index (SPX) wobbled around the break-even line, but just finished in the red by close of the market.

We, at Stock-Options-Made-Easy (S.O.M.E.), have been able to basically maintain our gains achieved so-far – and several put trades that were made earlier in the year are starting to come to fruition. If you missed our previous “Market-Bite” edition here are some of the profits being achieved:- -

• Barrick Gold Corporation (USA) (NYSE:ABX) Calls – P.P: 210%
• General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) Calls – P.P: 142% • J C Penney Company Inc (NYSE:JCP) Calls – 100% Profit (completed)
• Urban Outfitters, Inc. (NASDAQ:URBN) Calls – 112%Profit (completed)
• Dollar General Corp. (NYSE:DG) Calls – 100% (completed)
• Palo Alto Networks Inc (NYSE:PANW) Calls – 100% (completed)
• BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. (NASDAQ:BMRN) Puts – 82% (completed)

Today will see plenty of confliction in regard to several companies that will be reporting earnings – particularly Valeant Pharmaceuticals and Oracle – and this is reflected in the option trading put/call ratios.

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Market Bulls Lose

The market bears lose to the continued onslaught from the bulls, as we have witnessed in the past couple of weeks. And more evidence of the bull market rally continuing was evident from Friday’s upsurge in all the indices. The bulls, after suffering a major pull-back in January, have re-vamped themselves with a vengeance.....

The Bull Market Persistency

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Historical Volatility

Historic volatility is a measure of the amount of fluctuation a price has experienced in the recent past, and may also offer insight into the likely amount of future price movement.

Implied Volatility

Implied volatility predicts the amount of fluctuation that a security price is likely to undergo and helps determine whether a trade has the potential to reach a certain price within a timeframe.

Elliott Wave Analysis

Elliott Wave analysis is based on the wave principle; a theory that collective investor behavior follows a sequence which can be charted and used to analyze market cycles and trends.

Entry Strategy for Successful Trading

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Moving Average Trading Strategies

Moving average trading strategies include using these averages themselves as a simple effective indicator, their application to price charts to obtain signals, and their use in many other indicators.

The Volume Indicator

A volume indicator is a valuable tool for helping to gauge the strength of a trend and can provide insight into probable reversals as well as signals for potential entry and exit points.

Stock Market Holidays Calendar For 2016

Calendar of Stock Market Holidays for All Major US Stock Exchanges

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