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Make use of the "Flag Chart Pattern"
May 08, 2015

Flag Chart Pattern

A flag chart pattern is a continuation pattern, which means that when this shape appears on the chart of a stock’s prices movement, it acts as a confirmation that the trend which was in progress prior to the emergence of the pattern is likely to continue in the same direction.

The flag pattern is formed when a sharp price movement is then followed by a period of relatively flat trading which zig-zags moderately at the end of the initial sharp movement (the flag-pole). This sideways movement generally forms a rectangular shape by moving between short-term levels of support and resistance. The completion of the pattern occurs when there is a breakout of price movement in the same direction as the sharp move which initiated the flag pattern.

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Cup and Handle Chart Pattern

The cup and handle pattern, which resembles a tea cup viewed from the side, is often a good indicator of an upcoming bullish trend in price, especially when following prior upward price movement.

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The Week Ahead In The Stock Market – Some Thoughts, Possibilities and Probabilities!

2nd May, 2015

The week ahead in the stock market should see the April's job report bring some direction back -- the only catalyst of late has been “no catalyst”! The report could confirm whether the recent weakness in data and stock prices is waning as the weather warms, or the start of a longer-term trend.
There will be another full week of earnings reports as well, which will include Disney, Comcast.....
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List of Companies Reporting Earnings for the Week Beginning 4th May, 2015

A list of Companies Reporting Earnings for the Week Beginning 4th May, 2015 -- 1110 companies reporting this week, including 85 S&P 500 members.

The Russell 3000 Index

The Russell 3000 Index is an important index which measures the performance of the top 3000 publically listed companies in the US which account for approximately 98% of the total for the US markets.

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High-Frequency Trading (HFT)

High-frequency trading or HFT uses powerful computer systems and complicated algorithms to execute numerous high volume trades based on market conditions, each in a matter of seconds or less.

Intermarket Analysis

Intermarket analysis involves studying the correlation between various markets to obtain information regarding business and economic cycles that are occurring and insight into the market being traded.

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