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Have you tried trading using astrology?
March 24, 2015

Astrology Trading

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Astrology trading is based on the principle that the financial markets are affected by planetary movements and lunar cycles. Predicting these effects may assist different types of traders in determining which stocks to trade and when to trade them. While this may sound a bit too esoteric for many, there have, in fact, been studies conducted by leading financial authorities which have correlated market movement with astrological data.

One such study was performed by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, which is one of the 12 regional banks in the Federal Reserve System, and the results showed a correspondence between geomagnetic storms and stock market decline. Another study, carried out by the Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC (NYSE: RBS), showed evidence that a lunar cycle based trading system could outperform the market..... .......Read the rest of the article …..

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Breakout vs. Fakeout

Identifying a breakout vs. fakeout is very important in order to capitalize on the opportunity that an emerging trend, which is often signaled by a breakout, presents.

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Head and Shoulders Top Chart Pattern

The Head and Shoulders ‘Top’, the most common reversal formation, provides a signal that a security's price is likely to make a downward move, especially after it breaking the neckline of the pattern.

Head and Shoulders Chart Pattern

The "head-and-shoulders" pattern is believed to be one of the most reliable trend-reversal patterns, either due to a bullish or bearish trend, and is extremely popular among traders and investors as it is considered to be one of the most reliable of all the formations.

Trading Social Media Stocks

Trading social media stocks is a relatively new phenomenon, and there is varying opinion on whether or not these stocks offer a viable trading or investment platform.

Trading Futures

Trading futures basically involves entering a contract which obligates the buyer and seller to exchange a certain amount of an asset for a predetermined amount of money at a specific future date.

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