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LEAPS could help your long-term investments!
February 11, 2015

Long-Term Equity Anticipation Securities - LEAPS

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Long-Term Equity Anticipation Securities, known as LEAPS, are structured in the same way as standard options contracts, with the only difference being that their duration before expiration is longer than the maximum nine months offered by traditional options. The lifespan of a LEAPS contract ranges between one and three years, with the most common time frame being two years.

LEAPS are available on a range of stocks and indexes which are determined by the CBOE. These LEAPS options are distinguishable on the listings from regular options by a unique three-character ticker symbol.

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Pyramiding is an investment strategy in which an investor increases the size of their position in order to benefit by running with a winner, while keeping risk under control.

Averaging Down

Averaging down is the term used to describe the strategy of buying a further amount of shares at a lower price than was originally paid, and as a result, lowering the average paid for each share.

Sector Rotation

Sector rotation is an investment strategy which involves the movement of funds between areas of the economy aiming to profit from specific economic sectors as their performance rises and falls.

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