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Soaring Delta Airlines Provides 205% Profit For Us -- See How!!
January 12, 2018

Delta Air Lines Soars
- Up, Up and Away! -

Earnings Report Boosts Delta and
Makes Us Great Profits!

Delta Air Lines, Inc. (NYSE:DAL) Option Calls
Provides 205% Potential Profit!
And More To Come!

Delta Air Lines, Inc. (NYSE:DAL)

Here is an update of Delta Air Lines’ winning options call trade after reporting earnings. This options trade was recommended, to “Cut-To-The-Chase” Members of Stock Options Made Easy, on Wednesday, January 10, 2018 -- in the article ““Cut-to-the-Chase” Recommendations - Week Beginning Monday, Monday, January 08, 2018”; which produced excellent potential profits of 205% within 24 hours of executing the trade!

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Ian Harvey

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Option Tip for your Success!
Options traders are not successful because they win.
Options traders win because they are successful.

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