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Options Trade of the Week - Discover Financial Services (NYSE:DFS)
October 20, 2014

Options Trade of the Week

Monday, October 20, 2014

**DFS Provides A Nice Dip To Profit From! **

Discover Financial Services (NYSE: DFS), a direct banking and payment services company, will report the results of its third-quarter after the close on October 21. Headed into the quarterly report analysts have forecast earnings of $1.34 per share on revenues of $2.2 billion. The stock has been trending lower with the overall market during the last couple of weeks, but remains up 12.3% on the year.

Like all the financials, Discover has pulled back in recent weeks, but the stock is still enjoying a nice gain for the year, and it is expected that an upbeat earnings report will ensue, which will keep strength under the stock. Consumer confidence has weakened a bit since the summer, but in August it was running at levels not seen since before the recession, which should translate to higher credit card usage.

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