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Check out this options trade -- Accenture!
September 26, 2013

Two-Part Trade for Accenture Earnings (ACN)
September 26, 2013

Options Trades for this Week.....

.....Two-Part Trade for Accenture Earnings (ACN) -- Simultaneously buying a call and a put hedges your risk with ACN earnings today. Read More

.....Jump on This BBBY Options Trade Today -- Analysts love it. Amazon fears it. Bed Bath & Beyond is likely to report good earnings today, and call options are a good way to play the news. Read More

.....Zoom Ahead With Options on AutoZone Stock! -- A number of positive factors make calls on AutoZone stock look attractive heading into Wednesday morning's AZO earnings report. Read More

.....Make a Call on Target’s Holiday Strategy With Options (TGT) -- Target is getting smarter about the holiday season, but it's currently discounted...which means call options are a great deal! Read More

.....Negative Factors Cloud Red Hat’s Earnings (RHT) -- Red Hat (RHT) is seeing increased costs and and decreased sales in two of its major segments -- but a put options trade could still put you in the black. Read More

.....Grow Your Profits with Fertilizer Stock CF Industries (CF) -- Fertilizer stock CF Industries looks undervalued, yet it shows great growth potential. Take advantage with call options. Read More

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Options traders are not successful because they win.
Options traders win because they are successful.

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