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Online Option Trading (with video)

Online option trading allows an individual to participate in trading stock options from virtually any location, with online trading companies and research services providing the facilities needed.

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Learning Option Trading (with video)

Learning option trading starts with understanding what options are and how to use them. This article outlines tools and techniques that can help you make a great start to your option trading career.

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Day Trading Benefits

Day trading benefits include increased leverage, the potential for high returns, and reduced risk from sudden market moves outside trading hours.

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Option Spreads - Article with Video

Option spreads, used to reduce the initial costs involved in trading stock options, are executed by concurrently buying and selling an equal number of options with the same underlying asset.

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Option Strangle

Explanation of option strangle with video, this article discusses the strangle trading strategy which is suitable for highly volatile assets in which the direction of movement is unclear.

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Using Puts versus Calls - with Video

Assessing puts versus calls and determining when or whether to trade these types of options is an integral part of a solid investment strategy.

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Results for Cut-to-the-Chase Trader Membership

The results for the Cut-to-the-Chase Trader Membership

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What Is Option Trading - New Video Introductions

What is option trading, how to profit from option trading and the risks of option trading are the topics covered in this series of videos and accompanying article.

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Stock Market Outlook - October 7, 2016

Will the Employment Report Lead to the Market Ending the Week on a High?

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Stock Market Roller Coaster Continues - 2016 October 5

The stock market roller coaster looks set to continue for the remainder of the trading week, and probably throughout October, leading up to the presidential elections.

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